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Loan Terms & Conditions

Please Study our Loan Terms and Condition:


1. Borrower Provide us with Project Proposal, Letter of Intent Amount of Loan required, borrower Information
2. Our Company will evaluate the Projects Proposal submitted by the Borrower and give borrower RWA/ and Loan Term sheet

3. Within 2-3 Bank working days after we submitted our Company  RWA/Loan Terms Sheet for the funding of the Project we expected the borrower to Provide and arrange the required Loan Security ready and this Loan Security will be provided by the borrower and will be registered as Loan Collateral against the Funding.

4. The Projects which was submitted by the borrower for the Loan Funding will stand as a Loan Security for 50% Face Value while the owner of the Project ( Borrower) will provide our Company a Loan security such as Bank Guarantee(BG) /Credit Wrap or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) for 50% Loan Face Value which will total the sum 100% Loan Funding Value

5. Asset Union Financing Group Incorporation will fix a face to face meeting between the Borrower and Lender ONLY after the Borrower have successfully provided and submitted the Loan Funding Security / Loan Collateral directly  to our local Bank / Oversea Bank as required under our Verbiage

6. We shall sign the Loan Contract with the Borrower ONLY after our Bank have successfully received the required and stipulated Loan Security as required and this Loan Security will be transmitted by Bank to Bank swift before we can fix a closing meeting with Borrowing Group

7. Asset Union Financing Group Incorporation will release and Transfer the Loan required sum to Borrower within 5-7 Banking days after the Borrower have provided the required Loan funding Security and signed our Loan Contract to return back the Loan as specified in the RWA and Contract.

Circumvention and Legal Implications for Borrower / Brokers and Asset Union Financing Group Incorporation:

Failure caused or circumvention by Asset Union Financing Group Incorporatrelease/transfer the funds as stipulated to the Borrower Bank account will lead a fine penalty sum of US$200,000 which will be payable to the Borrower directly and failure by the Borrower to provide Loan Security required for the Loan funding after signing and returning Asset Union Financing Group Incorporation Loan Contract will result to  legal action and penalty award sum US$200,000 for default in such cases the Borrower/Broker and his Group for circumvention reasons

Warning for Borrowers/ Brokers:

Asset Union Financing Group Incorporation will strongly advise Borrower and Brokers to be sure about their Clients seriousness in the Projects and the Owner of Project Compliance before seeking or Applying for Long-term Loan. We work with only serious, trusted, honest, reliable Brokers with credible records and knowledge in Project Financing.